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The future is a rite of passage.

We live in a time of transitions. Between technological advancements and social revolutions, the next decade will transform the way we work, learn, and play. To navigate this time of tumult and uncertainty, we’ll need new strategies for resilience and adaptation. We’ll seek fresh perspectives to reframe our offerings for the global, hyper-connected world that’s emerging.  We’ll tell new stories to weave the fabric of our fragmented workplaces, markets, and communities.

Who will be our guides through this transition? Who will forge the rites of passage that take us across this turbulent landscape of emergencies and exigencies?

For over 38 years, the Ten Year Forecast has immersed corporations, non-profits and governments in a broad scan of the ten year horizon, providing tools and foresight for creating better futures.

2016 Research
Download this year’s Map of the Decade [PDF], which highlights the big stories and trends of the 2016 research. This is the quick-glance, 30,000 foot view, including patterns of change that are impacting industries across every sector.

Dive deeper into the the urgent futures of the coming decade, and unpack the disruptions and opportunities that will impact your organization between now and 2026.

Annual Retreat
The Ten Year Forecast held its annual retreat April 20-22 in Oakland, CA. Over 200 guests across many industries came together for three days of provocations, immersions, panels and exercises designed to orient our personal and organizational practices towards the business landscape of the next decade.


About the Institute for the Future

The Institute for the Future is an independent, nonprofit strategic foresight network celebrating 47 years of “making the future.” Spanning a broad territory of deeply transformative trends, from food and health to technology, the workplace, education, governance, and human identity, our work generates the foresight needed to create insights that lead to action. The Institute for the Future is based in Palo Alto, CA.

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